Thursday, June 23, 2011

Trip to Gopalaswamy Betta

It’s been one week we all friends went for the trip to Gopalaswamy betta and I started to write this blog to cherish the memories:)
It took quite some time for me and Abhi to schedule and organise this trip. Initiated and interest shown by Abhi for this trip, he started collecting the information of our friends availability for the trip. Lot of e mail chains and phone calls (those who don’t see emails) were done to accommodate everyone.
We could make a group of 8 people initially but due to the unavailability of the few people at the end we postponed to next week. I got the hint that the trip would be successful at the start of the week by seeing the enthusiasm of our friends who had agreed for the trip. Abhi started messaging about the preparation for the trip one week before. There were few hiccups about the driver availability for the trip, but it was managed by Abhi.
So not explaining much about the pre preparation of the trip I will get into how the trip was.
11 JUNE 2011, the day when everyone agreed to start Bengaluru by 7am and join me at Madur at 9 didn’t happen. Abhi, Jadoo ,Punith, Santosh and Keshav started late at 8.30am by Alto car and meanwhile Darshan started bit late because of his friend Shiva who didn’t make it for the trip as he adhere to our plan. Darshan came in Bus and joined me at Madur .We all met at Madur highway junction at 10.30am.
I started from my home town Kunigal in my Swift car at 8am.Icould have reached by one hour at Madur junction, but as my friends started late I spent some time along the Kunigal Madur road and drive the car slowly and I made it at 10am.